Upcoming Webinars

Webinar: High Power Radio Frequency/Microwave (HPM) Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

May 02, 2024

An introduction to High Power Radio Frequency/Microwave (HPM) Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and their effects. Presented by John T. Tatum

Webinar: An Effective Approach to Evaluating Electronic Warfare Systems

May 16, 2024

Methods and applications of advanced waveform analysis that enable quick, accurate, and automated characterization of critical parameters of advanced EW systems with the needed resolution for proper evaluation. Presented by Alexander Davis

Webinar: The Fundamental Physics of Doppler Radar Jamming and Jamming to Signal Ratio (JSR)

May 30, 2024

This presentation will cover the fundamental physics of pulse Doppler radar signals and processing, including the effects of phased array steering, aperture fill time, bandwidth, and noise. Presented by Chuck Quintero

Webinar: Using Large Language Models for Flight Test Data Analysis

Jun 13, 2024

This brief will explore the potential benefits of using large language models (LLMs) for flight test data analysis. Presented by Desh Sharma

Webinar: High-Bandwidth Oscilloscopes for Multi-Channel, Coherent, RF Pulse Analysis

Jun 27, 2024

This brief will walk through a variety of Radar/EW RF pulse analysis examples. Presented by Brad Frieden.

Webinar: Deploy Full Stack Spectrum Situational Awareness System with Networked Handheld Sensors

Jul 11, 2024

In this technical brief, a new approach is introduced to overcome the biggest challenges for EMSO today. Presented by Rolland Zhang.

Webinar: Ground Clutter and Airborne Radar

Jul 25, 2024

The ground is a major consideration for most airborne systems, with uncontrolled interactions normally ending badly. Presented by Warren Du Plessis, Ph.D.

Webinar: How IADS and SAMs Work: Metric Accuracy, Transition to Track, and Hand-Offs

Aug 08, 2024

This presentation will discuss the basic principles of an Integrated Air Defense System (IADS), and the basic characteristics of a radar-guided missile system. Presented by Chuck Quintero

Electronic Warfare in a World Populated by Metasurfaces

Oct 17, 2024

Metasurfaces are artificially engineered structures composed of tunable unit cells that can dynamically shape electromagnetic waves. Presented by Rafael Licursi

Webinar: Metasurface-Driven EW Drone Swarms to Tackle Multifunctional and Cognitive Radars

Dec 05, 2024

The Electronic Warfare (EW) community is witnessing the introduction of increasingly capable, phased-array-based, multifunctional, and cognitive radars in the modern scenario. Presented by Dr. Rafael Licursi