Upcoming Webinars

Stay at the forefront of the electromagnetic warfare industry with our upcoming webinars! Join industry experts as they explore cutting-edge technologies, innovative strategies, and the latest trends. Designed for professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills, these live sessions offer valuable insights and practical guidance. Register for our webinars, engage with thought leaders, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of electromagnetic warfare.

AOC webinars are presented originally as live events and then made available as recordings. They are free to AOC members and available for purchase to non-members. Webinars are one hour long and offer CEUs.



  AOC is an approved provider of IEEE CEU/PDH Certificates. An additional fee is required with registration.

Upcoming Webinars

Ground Clutter and Airborne Radar

Presented by Warren du Plessis

July 25, 2024

Through the Use of Amateur Radio Licensing

Presented by Matthew Sherburne, PE

August 1, 2024

How IADS and SAMs Work

Presented by Chuck Quintero

August 8, 2024

Fighting in the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Presented by Thomas Wildenberg

August 15, 2024

Intelligence From Space: Improving Awareness

Presented by Dr. David Stupples

August 29, 2024