AOC Advocacy


The AOC believes it is necessary to engage, educate, and coordinate with leaders throughout government, industry and academia in support of policies, programs, and ideas that advance EW and related EMS capabilities, and strengthen our international industrial base.

Over the years, AOC has been active engaging Congress, the Defense Department, and relevant federal agencies on issues affecting our community. We have built strong relationships with leaders throughout government, advanced EW-related programs and budgets, and influenced legislation and policy development in support of our growing mission.


AOC Podcast

AOC has two podcasts that aim to bring our community together. Stakeholders and professionals across government, industry, and academia, not to mention the self-described technologist can learn our history and engage on topics of the day. Advertisements and episode sponsorships are available.


The History of Crows

The Evolution of Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO)
This podcast will take you on a journey throughout time and around the world to meet the inventors, the battles, and the technology that has not only shaped military operations - how we fight - but also how we live. The History of Crows will cover some of the most important discoveries, battles, and events that shaped what we know today as electromagnetic spectrum operations. Episodes that take you deeper into our history will be added periodically. Learn More


From the Crows' Nest

This regularly scheduled podcast will feature interviews, analysis, and discussions covering leading issues of the day related to electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO). Topics include current events and news from around the world, US Congress and the annual defense budget, and military news from the US and allied countries. We will also bring you closer to AOC events and provide a forum to dive deeper into policy issues impacting our community. Learn More

Advocacy Newsletters

AOC Advocacy strives to release monthly newsletters and briefs relevant to the Electromagnetic Warfare community. You can check out some of the past Newsletters below:

Advocacy Knowledge Center

Industry Partnership Projects (IPPs)

An innovative approach to advocacy to better serve AOC’s expanding mission and community. IPPs provide a forum to advance current and explore future ideas, technology trends, and policy and market opportunities. Deliverables include annual reports, market forecasting, budget analysis, and technical papers. IPPs feature the following benefits:

  • Connect with government and military officials-Share ideas, provide solutions and support
  • Exclusive opportunities including roundtables, panel discussions, meetings, and industry showcases
  • Help direct IPP activities and focus
  • Advance ideas, trends, and policy opportunities

Click on the IPP icons below to learn more about each IPP.