Webinar Sponsorship Opportunities


The AOC Webinars have been a tremendous success in maintaining learning, advocacy, and the exchange of information. The AOC Webinars boasts an average registration count of more than 350 registrants per event. This year's webinar schedule promises to continue that trend of educating and broadening the reach of the Electromagnetic Warfare Community.


2024 Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, check out the chart below.

Company logo on the PowerPoint with mention from moderator during webinar x x x x
Company logo on all pre-marketing materials, including eCrow, emails, etc. (as available) x x x
Access to email, address, and phone list of all webinar registrants, both AOC members and non-members x x
Dedicated slide(s) with company logo and choice of 60-90 second promo video (provided by sponsor) or 60-90 second introduction by a company representative x
Partner $7,500 $5,000 $1,500 $750
Non-Partner $9,000 $6,000 $1,800 $900

Interested in sponsoring an AOC Webinar?