The National Security Risk of Microelectronics – Part Two

The production of state-of-the-art microelectronics is the most complex engineering feat that humans have been able to achieve. But the US has struggled to maintain its competitive edge in microelectronic manufacturing. In this episode, Ken and the Draper Team continue their discussion and explore solutions that address our problems in the microelectronics supply chain. 

The US has lost a great deal of leadership in the silicon and circuit board manufacturing industries to manufacturers in Asia. Ken and the Draper team discuss the state of the US semiconductor industry and its comparison to global competitors, the disadvantages the US chip industry has due to outsourcing manufacturing to other countries, and how the US should reinvest in increasing our scientific and technological edge in microelectronics.

Jennifer Santos, David Hagerstrom, and Geremy Freifeld work for Draper, an independent nonprofit engineering innovation company.

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