Delivering the Future of Directed Energy

Directed energy (DE) weapons are changing how we think about electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO). High tech innovations are more rapidly moving DE systems from the lab to the field and into the hands of our warfighters. In this episode, podcast host Ken Miller sits with Mr. Mark Neice, Executive Director of the Directed Energy Professional Society, or DEPS. 

Ken and Mark discuss some of the progress in DE from the past year as well as exciting new advances on the horizon in 2022 and beyond. Specifically, Ken and Mark talk about advances in DE for counter UAS capabilities and the progress of other systems, including the Navy’s ODIN, HELIOS and Laser Weapon System Demonstrator (LWSD), the Army’s DE Mobile SHORAD (M-SHORAD) capability, and the US Air Force’s THOR system. Ken and Mark also discuss the universal application of directed energy and electromagnetic warfare and the importance it holds for DoD and the future of warfighting.