Implementing EMSO for the Future Fight

The Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) Cross-Functional Team (CFT) established by Congress a few years ago has been focusing on developing a new EMS Superiority Strategy and a comprehensive implementation plan that is now going into effect across the Department of Defense (DOD). Podcast host Ken Miller sits with Brig. Gen. Darrin Leleux, Deputy Director of the EMSO CFT and Deputy Director for Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations and Space Requirements, Joint Staff (J8). Ken and Brig. Gen. Leleux address gaps in electromagnetic warfare and EMSO capabilities and where we are in the implementation of the strategy. They also share how the entire EMSO community across DOD, the military services, Congress, industry, and academia must work together to ensure the necessary oversight and progress by 2030 to achieve and sustain a military advantage in the EMS.