2023 Scholarship Winners

STEM Student of the Year

Each year, AOC awards a $12,500 scholarship each to one male and one female student studying engineering or engineering technology and interested in working in the aerospace and defense industry. A generous donation from Raytheon Intelligence & Space funds this scholarship.

Please join us in celebrating this year’s scholarship winners!


STEM Student of the Year


Carlene Anchordoquy

Carlene Anchordoquy is an Electrical and Computer Engineering student at Norwich University in Northfield, VT. She specializes in cybersecurity, AI, and hardware reverse engineering. Outside of academics, she enjoys gardening and fencing.


Max Damewood

Max Damewood is a Marine option midshipman at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I am pursuing a degree in Physics Engineering with a minor in Computational Science. Throughout my academic journey, I have gained extensive research experience in the fascinating realm of plasma and material interactions. I was privileged to work at the renowned Illinois Plasma Institute. Additionally, I actively participated in the prestigious Accelerated Learning and Experience Research Training program, where I focused on the design of cutting-edge antennas. The culmination of my research journey led me to present my findings at the esteemed Undergraduate Research Symposium. Moreover, I had the incredible opportunity to broaden my horizons through a study program at National ChengChi University in Taiwan. In parallel to my academic pursuits, I also worked as a skilled data analyst in the ESOP group at Morgan Stanley, further refining my expertise in research, data analysis, and effective presentation of complex information.

In my military career, I proudly serve as a Marine option midshipman and successfully completed Officer Candidate School in July 2023. I take great pride in supporting my unit and continuously developing myself as a leader. I am also an active member of our endurance team, platoon drill team, and a certified Instructor. I eagerly anticipate the upcoming opportunity to guide and mentor new members joining our program this fall. Once I graduate and commission in the Marine Corps, my ultimate aspiration is to specialize in the exciting realm of electrical warfare, with my sights set on becoming a signals intelligence officer before taking what I have learned and bringing it to the defense industry.