Cognitive Electronic Warfare: An AI Approach | On-Demand Course

Course Details

Cognitive Electronic Warfare: An AI Approach | On-Demand Course

Course Length: 18 hours total - delivered across six sessions of 3-hours each.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 18

Description: This course will cover how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in electronic warfare (EW). AI enables EW systems to respond more quickly and effectively to battlefield conditions with complex and novel emitters. The course will discuss AI-based situation assessment techniques for electronic support (ES), including characterization, classification, patterns of life, and intent recognition. The course will cover decision-making techniques for electronic protect (EP), electronic attack (EA), and electronic battle management (EBM), including optimization, temporal tradeoffs, and distributed coordination. The course will describe how to handle real-time in-mission learning, motivate why this capability is crucial, and discuss how to evaluate a system that learns during a mission. It will cover data management approaches and system architecture. The course is based on the book Cognitive Electronic Warfare: An Artificial Intelligence Approach.

Who Should Attend: The intended audience of this course is Electronic Warfare (EW) professionals looking to expand their knowledge of the cognitive electronic warfare potential to improve EW capacities. No prior experience in EW is required.


Course Agenda

  • Session 1
    • Introduction to Cognitive EW
    • System Walkthrough (brief)
    • Domain Challenges
  • Session 2
    • Machine Learning Primer
    • Situation Assessment for Electronic Support
  • Session 3
    • Objective Function
    • Decision Making for Electronic Protect, Attack, and Battle Management
    • Real-Time In-Mission Planning and Learning
  • Session 4
    • Data Management
    • SW and HW Architecture
  • Session 5
    • Role of Humans in EW
    • Testing & Evaluation
  • Session 6
    • System Walkthrough (complete)
    • Getting Started
    • Project Ideas


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Dr. Karen Haigh is an expert and consultant in Cognitive EW and embedded AI. Her focus is on physical systems with limited communications and limited computation resources that must perform under fast hard-real-time requirements. She received her PhD in from Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Science with a focus on AI and Robotics.