Microelectronics Supply

In this episode, podcast host Ken Miller sits with Dr. William Conley, Chief Technology Officer at Mercury Systems. Microelectronics hold significant importance to EMSO as it represents the technology backbone of spectrum operations. Ken and Dr. Conley discuss the dynamic ecosystem of the world we live in and the recent changes in the microelectronics supply chain. There is a significant dependency on microelectronics technology and DOD requirement for state-of-the-art microelectronics for the future fight. Dr. Conley explains that the point for DOD is not to make any significant sweeping changes but instead, bring in specialists and system architects that can go through and implement designs in less time. Part of balancing approaches includes investing in innovation, subsidies, and other direct funding to support the ecosystem. Private sector collaborations and policy implementations have a direct impact on the supply chain as well. Lastly, Ken and Dr. Conley discuss the nuances that can lead to ineffective solutions and security vulnerabilities and the implementation of “zero trust” approach to enable the acquisition of assured electronics from untrusted components.

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