The Invisible Battlefield

The US military must chart a new course to project, achieve, and sustain electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) superiority against peer competitors. What technology and operational concepts must the Department of Defense (DOD) adopt to address these challenges and persistent gaps in US electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO)?  In this episode, we speak with Bryan Clark, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Defense Concepts and Technology at the Hudson Institute. Bryan is the lead author of a new report, “The Invisible Battlefield: A Technology Strategy for US Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority.”


Ken and Bryan discuss the need to invest in game-changing technologies, such as passive and multi-static sensing, networked electronic attack, and multi-function capabilities. They also address improved training through the use of live, virtual and constructive environments and the opportunities for open system architecture.


You can download and read the Hudson Institute’s full report here. To learn more about today’s topics or to stay updated on EMSO and EW developments, visit our homepage.