Program Manager Briefing Series

Program Manager Briefing Series

AOC's highly anticipated Program Manager (PM) Briefing Series returns to AOC 2023. This program is focused on bridging requirements to programs and informing industry on the acquisition milestone chart for contracting opportunities. Briefers are invited to present specific, unclassified information that is otherwise not publicly available about upcoming opportunities, including projected timelines, rough orders of magnitude for contract size (either personnel or dollar value), preferred or projected contract vehicle(s), setaside status, and comprehensive technical requirements. Each session will offer open question and answer which will allow participants to seek greater clarity on the details of the upcoming opportunities.

Who this program is for: Stakeholders from government and industry, including the small business community, interested in learning about upcoming procurements, acquisition strategies, and procurement timelines.

This program is open to booth personnel and master pass attendees only — closed to media.

Monday, December 11 | 2:30–4:00 PM

Army Programs

Session Moderator:
Mr. Mike Ryan, AOC Board of Director
Session Presenters:
Mr. Ken Strayer, Project Manager, Electronic Warfare & Cyber
Mr. Dennis Teefy, Project Director, Sensors Aerial Intelligence
COL Brock Zimmerman, Project Manager, Aircraft Survivability Equipment
COL Gary Brock, Army Capabilities Manager, Electronic Warfare
LTC Nicholas Ryan, Army Capabilities Manager, Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Tuesday, December 12 | 10:00–11:30 AM

Air Force Programs

Session Moderator:
Ms. Lisa Fruge-Cirilli, AOC Past President
Session Presenters:
Col Josh Koslov, Commander, 350th SWW
Col Leslie Hauck, Director, EMS Superiority Directorate, HAF A2/6L
Lt Col Marc Lewis, SML, AFLCMC/WNY System Program Office
Mr. Michael Dostie, Chief Engineer, AFLCMC/WNY
Col Albert “Fonz” Scaperotto, Chief, Weapons Division; SAF/IA

Wednesday, December 13 |12:00–1:30 PM

Navy Programs

Session Moderator:
Dr. James Stewart, Chief Scientist, Spectrum Warfare Systems, NSWC Crane
Session Presenters:
CAPT Dave Reuter, Program Manager, NAVAIR PMA-234 (AEA)
Col Tamara Campbell, USMC, Program Manager, PMA-272, Advanced Tactical Aircraft Protection Systems, PEO(T)/ NAVAIR