Advanced Principles of Electronic Warfare | On-Demand Course

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Advanced Principles of Electronic Warfare | On-Demand Course

Course Length: 24 hours total - delivered across eight sessions of 3-hours each.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 24

Description: This course is designed for individuals who have completed a fundamental EW course or have significant experience in the field. Legacy and new-generation threats and EW techniques are covered at an unclassified level. The course avoids deep mathematical coverage, explaining all concepts in practical, physical terms. Each session includes lectures and in-class problems. Although each session stands alone, the set of eight provides full coverage of the EW field.

Who Should Attend: The intended audience is working professionals in EW or related fields. The examples and exercises will be at the level expected in upper division engineering courses. However, dB equations and physical explanations of concepts will still be an integral part of the course.


Course Agenda

  • Session 1 - Introduction and Fundamentals Review
    • This session introduces the advanced course. It starts with a quick review of fundamental EW concepts including radio propagation models, receiver system sensitivity and dynamic range, types of antennas and antenna parametric trade-offs.
  • Session 2 - Spectrum Warfare
    • This session covers Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) warfare, including the nature of the spectrum and the various aspects of EMS warfare.
  • Session 3 - Legacy Radars and Countermeasures
    • This session covers legacy radars and the associated weapons, the nature of recent upgrades to those weapon systems, and the countermeasures that have been and are employed against them.
  • Session 4 - Next Generation Threat Radars and Countermeasures
    • This session covers the newly developed radars and the weapons associated with them. It also covers the shortcomings of currently used EW techniques against these new threats and the changes in EW that are required to counter new weapons systems.
  • Session 5 - Digital Communication and Digital RF Memories
    • This session covers digital communication theory, particularly as it applies to the proliferating data links used in modern weapons systems. It also covers the theory and practice of Digital Radio Frequency Memories (DRFMs).
  • Session 6 - Legacy and Modern Communications Threats and Countermeasures
    • This session covers legacy hostile communications systems and the EW measures used against them. It also covers the new generation communications techniques and the new EW techniques required to counter them.
  • Session 7 - Decoys and Infrared Threats & Countermeasures
    • This session covers legacy and next generation heat seeking missiles and the nature of the countermeasures required to defeat them. This includes new developments in flares and IR jammers. The section also covers other types of infrared and light enhancing systems.
  • Session 8 - Directed Energy Weapons
    • This session covers both laser and high power RF directed energy weapons. It starts by discussing the changing nature of warfare and the timing issues associated with new enemy attack strategies. It then deals with the advantages and shortcomings of various types of laser and RF weapons systems

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Dave Adamy is an internationally recognized expert in electronic warfare who writes the popular monthly EW-101 column in the Journal of Electronic Defense magazine. He has over 50 years of experience as a systems engineer and program technical director, developing EW systems from DC to Light, deployed on platforms from submarines to space, with specifications from quick reaction capability to high reliability. He has published over 250 professional articles on electronic warfare, receiver system design, and other closely related subjects, including the popular EW101 series in the Journal of Electronic Defense. He has presented dozens of EW courses for military, government, and defense industry organizations in the US and allied countries. He holds an MSEE (Communication theory) and has written 16 books on Electronic Warfare and related subjects.