The 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing – leading US Air Force efforts to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum

In this episode of From the Crows Nest, host Ken Miller sits down with Colonel Joshua Koslov, Commander of the U.S. Air Force 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing (SWW), out of Eglin Air Force Base in Pensacola, Florida. Now entering its third year, the SWW was established to address persistent gaps in U.S. Air Force EW that were highlighted across numerous studies and reports. The SWW is paving the way for better leadership and technology integration and reinvigorating a culture of EMS awareness in the Joint Force.


Ken and Col. Koslov dive into the mission of the SWW, such as personnel shortages, effective training, assessing and enhancing, and the need for EW readiness and integrating EW capabilities into joint force operations. They also discuss the activation and role of the 950th Spectrum Warfare Group and the mission of the 68th Electronic Warfare Squadron (EWS) FMS Reprogramming Center, which supports foreign military sales partners by providing electronic warfare mission data. This mission directly enhances U.S. and coalition warfighters’ combat capabilities and survivability. Finally, Ken and Col. Koslov discuss an October 2023 activation ceremony for Detachment 1, 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing, and Detachment 1, 87th Electronic Warfare Squadron, at Warner Robins Air Force Base, GA.

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