A State of the Union for the EMSO Community

AOC President Glenn “Powder” Carlson is passing the baton on to AOC Vice President and President-Elect Brian “Hinks” Hinkley. In this transition of power, Glenn and Brian give us a state of the union on the EMS community. Host Ken Miller talks with Glenn and Brian about the lessons the US needs to learn about EMS dominance and how the AOC will continue to advance EMS operations and support future engineers. Lastly, they discuss the messages they want to take to government, industry, and military stakeholders to advance EMS operations globally. 

Glenn and Brian bring a wealth of experience in operations to the EW community. Glenn flew B-52s in the 80s during Soviet Union’s fall. Brian played a vital role in the Navy with the EA-6B Prowler in the early 2000s with Iraq and Afghanistan. 

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