DEF: Moving Beyond Lightning Bolts On Powerpoint

Modern warfare is becoming increasingly dependent on the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS). All command and control, communications, ISR, precision guided munitions, GPS, and low observable (stealth) technology depend on the ability to control the EMS. Our competitors have recognized this and are manning, training, and equipping themselves to deny us freedom to act in the EMS. 

Often discounted simply as lightning bolts on PowerPoint, the EMS has long been neglected. In this special episode, we present to you coverage from the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum: Drink & Think on Moving Beyond Lighting Bolts On PowerPoint, an event hosted at AOC headquarters, in Alexandria, Virginia. We hear from Ken Miller, Director of Advocacy & Outreach at the Association of Old Crows, Scott Oliver, Director of the Board of Advisors at the RVJ Institute, Pat Flood, Senior National Security Policy Advisor at the U.S. House of Representatives. The event was moderated by Courtney Barno, Code Director of DC Agora. 

Ken and guests discuss why a whole nation approach is necessary to ensure freedom of action within the EMS at the time and place of our choosing. Necessary efforts range from renewed government policies and reinvigorated academic research, to leap-ahead industrial technologies. The EMS represents a giant opportunity space for warfighters, entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, researchers, and policymakers alike. 

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