Press Coverage of the 53rd Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention


November 29, 2016

New Electronic Warfare Strategy Awaits DoD Approval
by: Marc Selinger - Defense Daily

November 30, 2016

Textron introduces new aircraft survivability equipment
by: Ryan Maass - UPI

NATO Rebuilding Electronic Warfare Capabilities, Official Says
by: Marc Selinger - Defense Daily

Joint Force Must Cose Gaps in Electromagnetic Spectrum
by: Mark Pomerleau - C4ISRNET

What Would it Take to Declare the Electromagnetic Spectrum a Domain of Warfare?
by: Mark Pomerleau - C4ISRNET

STRATCOM Officials: DOD Faces Operational Capability Gaps in EMS Dominance
by: Jordana Mishory - Inside Defense

Three Leonardo Employees Receive Top International Electronic Warfare Awards
by: Leonardo-Finnmeccanica

December 1, 2016

Army Building 1st Battlefield Cyber/Electronic Warfare Team
by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. - Breaking Defense

Army Electronic Warfare Strategy Nearing Completion
by: Jen Judson - Defense News

December 2, 2016

1st-Ever Electronic Warfare Strategy Headed For SecDef’s Desk
by: Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. - Breaking Defense

Army Operationalizing Cyber, EMS
by: Mark Pomerleau - C4ISRNET

Army Officials Move to Integrate Electronic Warfare, Cyber
by: Sean Kimmons -

December 3, 2016 (and beyond)

AOC Inducts Northrop’s Michael Panopoulos, James Van Kirk Into Electronic Warfare Tech Hall of Fame
by: Jane Edwards - GovConExecutive

Report: DoD-Wide Electronic Warfare Strategy Ready for Ashton Carter’s Signature
by: Ramona Adams - ExecutiveGov

Army Makes Progress on Emerging Cyber Career Field
by: Connie Lee - Inside Defense (subscription required)

Frost Discusses Army's Future Cyber Goals
by: Connie Lee - Inside Defense (subscription required)

Army's RCO Eyes Rapid Prototyping in Electronic Wafare
by: Mark Pomerleau - C4ISRNET

Northrop Grumman Pair Join Hall of Fame
by: Staff Reports - Ventura County STAR

Pentagon Set To Unveil First-Of-Its-Kind Electronic Warfare Strategy
by: Jof Enriquez - RF Globalnet

Threat from Russian UAV Jamming Real, Officials Say
by: Mark Pomerleau - C4ISRNET

What is ISR in Non-Physical Domains?
by: Mark Pomerleau, C4ISRNET

Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations - AOC 2016
by: Pat Hindle - Microwave Journal