How can I start a chapter in my area? 

There are some basic steps that need ot be followed to start up a chapter

  1. Contact the AOC Director of Membership Operatons
    Glorianne O'neilin ( 703-549-1600.
  2. Need to have at least ten members in your aea
  3. Submit a chapter bylaws and constitution,  Constitution and ByLaws
  4. Submit a petition with ten names. Petition
  5. Hold elections for chapter officers.
  6. Submit a financial report each year.  
  7. Hold at least three meetings a year.

These steps and more are describeed in the Operations Manual -   

Establishing, Maintaining, and Closing a Chapter

Chapter Operations Manuals

Membership Growth Incentinve Program

Chapter of the Year Program

Publishing Chapter Events 

Chapter Handbook