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AOC Director of Advocacy & Outreach

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The Association of Old Crows (AOC) is seeking candidates to fill a newly created Director of Advocacy and Outreach position.  This is a full-time staff position reporting to the Executive Director in the Alexandria, Virginia headquarters office.

The AOC is a fifty-year old 501(c)(6) professional society for individuals who have common interests in Electronic Warfare, Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Operations, Cyber Electromagnetic Activities, Information Operations, and other information related capabilities.  The association provides a means of connecting members and organizations nationally and internationally across government, defense, industry and academia to promote the exchange of ideas and information and provides a platform to recognize advances and contributions in these fields. See Services & Responsibilities for more information.

Essential Services and Responsibilities

Strategic/Long-Range Advocacy and Outreach Planning

  1. Sees that the Government and Industry Relations Committee (GIR) and Executive Director are kept fully informed on all important factors influencing AOC advocacy and outreach.
  2. Anticipates the advocacy and outreach needs of the organization and assists the GIR in the development of a multi-year advocacy and outreach strategy (roadmap) to include mission, aims and purposes.
  3. Assists the GIR in the development of an annual advocacy and outreach plan.
  4. Works with the President and Board of Directors to identify and develop strategic alliances, raise sponsorship and financing, communicate with Board members, and grow membership.

Coordinate and Collaborate AOC’s Advocacy and Outreach Strategy with Stakeholders

  1. Promotes the AOC’s mission, aims and purposes within military, government, industry, academia, and possible other entities through establishing and utilizing extensive and vigorous contact and interface with stakeholders.
  2. Works closely with the AOC’s Advocacy Consultant and Executive Director to promote and coordinate US government and industry engagement with US government representatives.
  3. Captures information obtained from engagement and interaction with stakeholders and shares with GIR and Executive Director to develop strategic objectives and specific action plans. Initiates and maintains a biannual stakeholder survey to maintain current list and identify new stakeholders. 
  4. Prepares reports, position papers, press releases and other information for distribution to AOC stakeholders and general public on subjects important to promoting AOC mission, aims and purposes.
  5. Engages and supports AOC Chapters in advocacy and outreach programs and activities.
  6. Actively engages with other organizations affiliated with AOC mission, aims and purposes to develop cross-membership advocacy and outreach programs and activities.

Expand Financial Support of AOC Programs, Events and Activities

  1. Cultivates and promotes support for AOC initiatives and programs (conferences, webinars, symposiums, professional education, advocacy, outreach, etc.) including identifying sponsorship opportunities.
  2. Initiates and develops a campaign plan with AOC Director of Marketing to enable and incentivize US government, industry, academia and other sectors to invest and partner with the AOC.

Engage and Support AOC Committees and Staff

1. Works in concert with AOC Committees that have advocacy and outreach elements in their charter to shape and steward advocacy and outreach efforts.  Specifically, advises, coordinates, and assists with:

  1. Communications Committee, JED representatives, and staff to expand awareness of AOC hosted events, AOC chapter accomplishments and achievements.
  2. Awards Committee and staff to promote a wide application of AOC awards program, citations and public service endeavors.  Also, seeks support from industry members in endorsing and promoting awards program.
  3. Conferences Committee and staff on webinar series topics and review content proposals for appropriateness.
  4. Conference Committee and staff with shaping conference agendas and identifying appropriate speakers.
  5. Education Committee and staff on updates and improvements for professional education courses and instructors and review content for overall relevancy and value.
  6. Convention Committee and staff with shaping symposium agenda and identifying appropriate speakers.  Also, assist with STEM program planning and execution.

2. Works in concert with the AOC Educational Foundation to identify scholarship sources within industry and government. 

International Advocacy and Outreach Support

1. Works closely with the International Advisory Committee and Director of Global Conferences to develop and coordinate collaborative advocacy and outreach plans and activities.

  1. Ensures global strategies and initiatives align with overall AOC’s mission, aims and purposes.
  2. Addresses underserved opportunities for awareness in all forums where international participation is evident.

Desired Credentials

  1. A Secret Clearance is required and a TS/SCI is preferred.
  2. EW and/or Cyber experienced is preferred.  In addition, any past experience working with a non-profit organization is highly desirable.

Contact Process: Interested candidates may apply to Michael Dolim at